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My Care, My Way - MSH@Home

My Care, My Way - MSH Health & Wellbeing CIC is commissioned for another year of service provision.

My Care, My Way – the service for people aged 65 and older living in Kensington & Chelsea or the Queen’s Park and Paddington wards of the City of Westminster, and funded through the NHS by the West London Clinical Commissioning Group.

My Care, My Way is a new health and social care service designed to help people aged 65 and over to stay independent as long as possible.

My Care, My Way provides easy access to a wide range of health and social care services that specifically support those aged 65 and over. The service focuses on working in partnership with patients to ensure the best possible results.

The integrated care service, which is based around services provided by St Charles Integrated Care Centre and the Violet Melchett Integrated Care Centre, which offer a wide range of health and social care services, conveniently located under one roof.

MSH Health & Wellbeing CIC, through our MSH@Home Division has been commissioned, through the My Care, My Way initiative to support with self care. Working in partnership with other key organisations in the voluntary and not-for-profit sector, such as Open Age, Age UK, co-ordinated through the Kensington & Chelsea Social Council.

Self care includes a wide range of support, from information on managing any long-term conditions clients might have, to information about ways to stay active and get involved in classes and events in the local area.


MSH@Home has been commissioned to provide self care support around:

Exercise at home
Providing regular support from experienced Health Support Personal Assistants (HSPAs) with a health and fitness background, to undertake gentle home based exercise. A session plan is negotiated with the client following an initial assessment, aimed to help improve core strength, balance and flexibility to increase confidence, promote cardiovascular fitness, reduce stress, assist with weight control and reduce falls risk. These sessions typically involve a programme of six weekly sessions.
Walking support
Providing weekly support to get clients out and about within their local communities, promoting wellness and reducing social isolation. This may involve taking immobile clients out in their wheelchairs, or proving guided support for those using mobility aids such as sticks or walking frames, encouraging and supporting individuals to build confidence and improve balance. These sessions are typically weekly over a six week period. For the benefits of physical activity for adults and older persons, see the UK Chief Medical Officers; Guidelines - Start Active, Stay Active [http:bit.ly/stratactive]
Escorting to appointments
For clients who require assistance to attend GP, clinic, hospital or other healthcare appointments, we provide HSPAs who can travel from home to the appointment, support and advocate during any consultations, and ensure clients return home safely. Please note we do not provide transportation to appointments, but our HSPAs can support clients to use taxis, public transport or ambulance services. These sessions can be provided for a maximum of six appointments.
Dementia 1:1 support
Using a small team of dementia specialist trained HSPAs, supervised and supported by qualified nurses, we can provide specific support for clients with dementia and Alzheimer's. This may be a client (and their family) in the early stages of diagnosis, who require support in coming to terms with the diagnosis, looking at activities that can promote cognitive ability and slow disease progression, and future planning. These sessions would run over a 10 week programme. Alternatively, it maybe to provide two hours of interactive activities, tailored to the client’s interests and abilities, for clients with advanced disease, that can give much needed respite to carers and family members, over five weeks.
Using proven decluttering techniques from some of the world’s leading authorities on the subject, this service assists clients wanting to sort their belongings in order to downsize or reduce clutter in the home. This can help with reducing the risk of trip hazards or fire traps, and help clients to prepare for end of life. This service is typically delivered over two hour sessions over 5 weeks.

Each client can receive a maximum of two My Care, My Way Self Care services at any one time, and can be re-referred for a service on a maximum of two rounds of session delivery. Self care has a focus of promoting independence, not creating dependency, so by the end of an intervention, the client should be motivated to continue their self care regime without the requirement for prompting from a care worker.

For clients wanting to access My Care, My Way, and if you are a resident of Kensington & Chelsea, or Queen’s Park and Paddington in Westminster, find out more details about My Care, My Way by visiting the website here (www.mycaremyway.co.uk).


Alternatively, ask your GP about access to My Care, My Way.