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Private Care - MSH@Home

MSH@Home is different to most care agencies and domiciliary care providers because we are a nurse led service. This allows us to specialise in caring for clients with complex and multiple health conditions, including those with dementia and HIV/AIDS. 

Each of our clients is individually assessed by a qualified nurse, who will develop a plan of care focused around the client’s specific needs, in partnership with the client and/or their representative. Where care needs are ongoing, our 'Named Nurse' will build a team of Health Support Personal Assistants (HSPAs) around the client, ideally recruiting locally to create a neighbourhood team to meet clients care needs. 

We believe that consistency of care giver and development of lasting relationships is essential for keeping clients well and supporting them to stay living independently, for longer in their own homes.

Through our commissioned NHS work (My Care, My Way) we have also developed expertise in supporting individuals over 65 years, many with one or more complex long term conditions, around:

Exercise at home
Providing regular support from experienced HSPAs with a health and fitness background, to undertake gentle home based exercise. A session plan is negotiated with the client following an initial assessment, aimed to help improve core strength, balance and flexibility to increase confidence, promote cardiovascular fitness, reduce stress, assist with weight control and reduce falls risk. These sessions are charged at £25 for one hour, and typically involve a programme of six sessions.
Walking support
Providing weekly support to get clients out and about within their local communities, promoting wellness and reducing social isolation. This may involve taking immobile clients out in their wheelchairs, or proving guided support for those using mobility aids such as sticks or walking frames, encouraging and supporting individuals to build confidence and improve balance. These sessions are charged at £22 per hour and can be ongoing. For the benefits of physical activity for adults and older persons, see the UK Chief Medical Officers; Guidelines

Start Active, Stay Active

Escorting to appointments
For clients who require assistance to attend GP, clinic, hospital or other healthcare appointments, we provide HSPAs who can travel from home to the appointment, support and advocate during any consultations, and ensure clients return home safely. This is charged at £18 per hour, capped at £100 for all day appointments. Please note we do not provide transportation to appointments, but our HSPAs can support clients on taxis, public transport or private ambulance services, and we can arrange these services if requested in advance.
Dementia 1:1 support
Using a small team of dementia specialist trained HSPAs, supervised and supported by qualified nurses, we can provide specific support for clients with dementia and Alzheimer's. This may be a client (and their family) in the early stages of diagnosis, who require support in coming to terms with the diagnosis, looking at activities that can promote cognitive ability and slow disease progression, and future planning. These sessions would be charged at £40 per hour and run over a 10 week programme. Alternatively, it may be to provide two hours of interactive activities, tailored to the client’s interests and abilities, for clients with advanced disease, that can give much needed respite to carers and family members. Charged at £60 for two hours.
Using proven decluttering techniques from some of the world’s leading authorities on the subject, this service assists clients wanting to sort their belongings in order to downsize or reduce clutter in the home. This can help with reducing the risk of trip hazards or fire traps, and help clients to prepare for end of life. This service is typically delivered over two hour sessions charged at £30 per hour.
This service offers weekly visits from a HSPA to engage in social activities with clients, including escorting to social events, reducing social isolation and enhancing mental wellbeing. This could be as simple as meeting for a cup of tea and chat in the client’s home, through to escorting the client to social and leisure activities, such as fitness or art classes, trips to museums or galleries, visits to places of interest, escorting to places of worship, such as Mosques and churches, accompanying to the theatre or cinema, and for our LGBTQI clients, visiting scene venues, such as bars, clubs and saunas. This is charged at £18 per hour, capped at £100 for all day events/trips. Clients will be expected to cover the cost for the HSPA of any associated expenses, such as transportation to/from venues and entry/ticket costs to venues.
Massage at home
In addition to our nurses and HSPAs, we also have a small team of Wellbeing Therapists, who can offer a range of treatments including relaxation or deep tissue massage, reflexology and facial treatments at home, each adapted to a client’s needs and medical conditions. These wellbeing treatments are charged at £40 for a one hour session.

Our Qualified Nurses can assist with:

  • Assessing clients care needs and developing a Care Plan and daily Care Schedule to guide care givers
  • Assist with medication administration and prompts, including administration of more complex medication such as intravenous medicines
  • Assess and advise on continence matters, liaising with local NHS or local authority services to ensure clients have access to continence aids, or provide such aids to private patients
  • Manage and support urinary catheter care
  • Manage and support colostomy care
  • Assess and advise on pressure area care, liaising with local NHS District Nursing and Tissue Viability teams, or providing pressure relieving devices to private clients
  • Assess and support with the management of long term, complex conditions, such as diabetes, airway disease, HIV/AIDS and dementia 
  • Provide wound care advise and treatment, including assessment and dressing of all wounds types
  • Support and guidance with fluid & nutritional advice, including involvement of assessment by a dietician if required. We can also support with Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy (PEG) feeds and other forms of enteral feeding.


Our Health Support Personal Assistants (HSPAs) can assist with:

  • Personal Care (washing, dressing, use of the toilet, etc.)
  • Provision of snacks and light meals, including assistance with feeding - all complete Food Hygiene & Safety to level 2 during induction 
  • Basic house hold chores such as washing up, hoovering, changing bed linen, etc. 
  • Local shopping and ensuring clients have essential supplies & provisions
  • Giving assistance with taking or providing prompts to take medication
  • Providing social support, befriending and companionship 
  • Assistance with house keeping, such as laundry and ironing
  • Support with simple administration tasks and managing household affairs 
  • Providing respite relief for family members or other primary care givers

MSH@Home provides visiting care, and we don't provide sessions less than one hour, as we don't believe a meaningful relationship can be developed in short visits, as short visits often result in clients being treated as a series of tasks that need completing, rather than a person requiring care and companionship. 

Everyone is different, but the type of clients accessing our services include:

  • Older people who need some help with getting up in the morning, or going to bed
  • Couples who would like some assistance for their partner, such as keeping on top of household chores
  • People who are physically disabled and who need assistance with the things that their disability prevents them from doing entirely by themselves
  • People who have been discharged from hospital after illness or an operation requiring short term help until they are feeling fit enough to regain their old lifestyle
  • People who need respite care – a service for people who rely on a relative or friend for most of their care but would like to give that person a break from time to time
  • People who require some time out from home and would like someone to take them out for a couple of hours or for a day’s shopping
  • People who need a weekly pampering session with the chance to de-stress and increase wellbeing


We can provide visiting care throughout 24 hours of the day, 365 days of the year.

However, for clients with constant care needs but who do not wish to go into residential care, and wish to remain living in their own home we would recommend costs savings by engaging the services of a “live-in” carer. MSH@Home don’t currently provide such a service, but we have links with several leading live in care agencies, listed below, who will be happy to discuss on-going care needs with you. Please click on the images below to visit the websites of the companies that provide live-in care services.